Sunday, April 27, 2014

How do I get album pictures using facebook API?

  1. From the first call you get all the albums (and the album IDs) '/me/albums'
  2. from there you can get the album picture (cover) '/''/picture'
  3. AND the photos of the album '/''/photos'
    var photos = response["data"];
    document.getElementById("photos_header").innerHTML = "Photos("+photos.length+")";
    for(var v=0;v<photos.length;v++) {
        var image_arr = photos[v]["images"];

        var subImages_text1 = "Photo "+(v+1);

        //this is for the small picture that comes in the second column
        var subImages_text2 = '<img src="'+image_arr[(image_arr.length-1)]["source"]+'" />';

        //this is for the third column, which holds the links other size versions of a picture
        var subImages_text3 = "";

        //gets all the different sizes available for a given image
        for(var j = 0 ;j<image_arr.length;j++) {
            subImages_text3 += '<a target="_blank" href="'+image_arr[j]["source"]+'">Photo('+image_arr[j]["width"]+"X"+image_arr[j]["height"]+')</a><br/>';

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