Tuesday, December 17, 2013

What is the use extract and compact function in php

A possible use for extract() is to import into the symbol table variables contained in an associative array returned by
/* Suppose that $var_array is an array returned from
   wddx_deserialize */
$size "large";$var_array = array("color" => "blue",
"size"  => "medium",
"shape" => "sphere");extract($var_arrayEXTR_PREFIX_SAME"wddx");

The above example will output:

blue, large, sphere, medium
compact — Create array containing variables and their values
Example #1 compact() example
"San Francisco";$state "CA";$event "SIGGRAPH";
$location_vars = array("city""state");
$result compact("event""nothing_here"$location_vars);print_r($result);?>
The above example will output:

    [event] => SIGGRAPH
    [city] => San Francisco
    [state] => CA

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