Wednesday, January 30, 2013

wordpress malware removal plugin

First download and install your admin area this plugin
  • Automatic removal of "Known Threats".
  • Download definitions of new threat as they are discovered.
  • Automatically upgrade vulnerable versions of timthumb to patch security holes.
  • Customize Scan Setting.
  • Run a Quick Scan from the admin menu or a Complete Scan from the Settings Page.
Updated Jan-5th
Register this plugin at GOTMLS.NET and get access to new definitions of "Known Threats" and added features like Automatic Removal, plus patches for specific security vulnerabilities like old versions of timthumb. Updated definition files can be downloaded automatically within the admin once your Key is registered. Otherwise, this plugin just scans for "Potential Threats" and leaves it up to you to identify and remove the malicious ones.
NOTICE: This plugin make use of a "phone home" feature to check for updates. This is not unlike what WordPress already does with all your plugins. It is an essential part of any worthwhile security plugin and it is here to let you know when there are new plugin and definition update available. If you're allergic to "phone home" scripts then don't use this plugin (or WordPress at all for that matter).

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